The West Australian

You could be forgiven for thinking that anyone with two feet and a heartbeat can throw together a design for an apartment building, get the rubber stamp of approval and hire Bob the Builder if recent commentary by some following the recent State Government announcement on building reform legislation is taken on face value.

Despite the misleading narrative that is being communicated from some quarters about the quality of WA’s apartments, thousands of West Australians are still choosing to buy a new apartment. As we speak, many happy residents are moving into their new homes and loving the quality, amenity and lifestyle that reputable developers are both committed and obligated to provide.

While the quality of what the industry is delivering to the market is high, the problem lies in the fact that we don’t have enough apartments being built. Anyone who is looking to purchase or rent a roof over their head right now will attest to the lack of supply which predictably is resulting in price increases and threatens our relative affordability in comparison to other States.

To read the opinion piece written by UDIA WA CEO Tanya Steinbeck and published in a recent edition of The West Australian in full, click here.