Recent ABS statistics revealing that over half of permanent migrants to Australia are homeowners is clear evidence of the importance of encouraging more people to migrate to WA to boost the economy and assist in the housing market recovery according to the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA WA).

“The need to attract more people to WA, and Perth in particular, has been a hot topic recently,” Ms Hailes said.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has now provided data from the latest Census that shows over half of permanent migrants aged 15 years and over were buying or owned their own home.

“These figures demonstrate the important contribution that migrants make to the broader economy,” Ms Hailes said.  “We need a strategy to tap into that more effectively here in WA, to boost the economy and further support our housing market recovery.”

“UDIA is recommending that the state government works with the federal government to establish a positive migrant settlement strategy that focuses on attracting and retaining people in WA,” Ms Hailes said.

“We need to encourage people to settle in WA by promoting a lifestyle that people would rather choose over other states in Australia or other cities globally,” Ms Hailes said.

“A recent presentation at a UDIA event by researcher Colin Keane outlined the importance of attracting more people to Perth,” Ms Hailes said. “Colin estimated that we need to attract an average of 1000 extra people to the state per month and create 500 new jobs per month to normalise property market conditions in Perth.”

“Unfortunately, despite the importance of migrants to our economy, Perth’s population has experienced plateauing levels of growth in recent years,” Ms Hailes said.

“UDIA is also keen to encourage more discussion about the creation of a new and revitalised ‘Brand Perth’ that highlights our unique attributes and encourages people to move here,” Ms Hailes said.

“We need to sell Perth, including our unique lifestyle opportunities, to attract people to the state,” Ms Hailes said.

“Our great coastline, green spaces, relaxed living, good schools and increasingly vibrant urban centres are what will make people want to visit and potentially stay long term in Perth,” Ms Hailes said.

“We need to take proactive steps now to encourage people to choose WA.”


For more information:
Gemma Osiejak
UDIA WA Executive Manager Communications & Marketing
M: 0421 506 819