The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA WA) has welcomed the Premier’s announcement today of the final appointments to the Infrastructure WA (IWA) board stating that it is another step toward more strategic planning for Perth’s future growth.

“The IWA will be an integral aspect of effective forward planning to ensure that we have adequate infrastructure to support Perth’s growth to a population of 3.5 million in the next 20 – 30 years,” UDIA WA President Nick Allingame said.

“With the state government leading the charge for greater infill development in existing areas along with the infrastructure requirements of new communities, it is imperative that existing and new infrastructure is rolled out to accommodate and support urban development so we can effectively and affordably provide the homes, amenities and services that people need,” Mr Allingame said.

“Timely delivery of infrastructure is essential to successful, affordable urban development and growth in our cities and regions,” Mr Allingame said. “We hope to see the 20-year infrastructure strategy that IWA will be charged with producing, released in a timely manner now that the wheels are in motion.”

“I congratulate the new Chair John Langoulant and Deputy Chair Nicole Lockwood on their appointments as the leaders of IWA, they are both extremely capable and experienced and understand the importance of getting the new strategy right,” Mr Allingame said.

“UDIA WA hopes to see, along with more strategic planning for state infrastructure, more traction achieved with Infrastructure Australia to secure much needed increased federal infrastructure funding,” Mr Allingame said.

“WA continues to fall short compared with other states in terms of federal investment in infrastructure,” Mr Allingame said.  “Let’s hope that IWA, led by the new board, will improve our success rate on that front.”


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