Shoreline in North Coogee is the largest mixed-use development in Western Australia to achieve certification under the prestigious UDIA EnviroDevelopment program showcasing outstanding sustainability features across five elements including community, water, energy, waste and ecosystems.

LandCorp’s Shoreline is the first precinct to be delivered as part of the Cockburn Coast Redevelopment Area with a 15-20 year vision to transform this former industrial area into a community of 12,000 people in 6,000 dwellings.

LandCorp, will ensure that sustainability goals are met by all developers involved with the site via Sustainable Design Criteria.

The site will feature a range of higher density living options including apartments, townhouses and maisonettes.

“It has been noted by the EnviroDevelopment judges that there is a strong design focus on community at Shoreline, resulting in a walkable and bicycle friendly development that will ultimately reduce reliance on private cars and improve physical health,” UDIA WA CEO Allison Hailes said.

“Furthermore, the proposed Bus Rapid Transit system to Fremantle Station will encourage the use of public transport, in particular assisting with overcoming the barrier of the ‘final mile’ and reducing people’s requirement to walk too far to get to or from a station,” Ms Hailes said.

The project will also work toward reducing water and energy use through a range of measures including the requirement for all apartments to be submetered.

“Shoreline will be one of only a handful of developments in WA that are requiring submetering so that individual residents can monitor their water and energy use,” Ms Hailes said.

“This is critical to ensuring residents in apartment buildings are accountable for their individual use and can adapt behaviours accordingly,” Ms Hailes said.

LandCorp will also mandate the inclusion of water and energy efficient fixtures and fittings into buildings including solar power.   On a broader scale, all irrigation in public areas will be sourced from groundwater which is a non-drinking water source.

“Overall, the development of the Shoreline site, and indeed the broader Cockburn Coast Redevelopment Area, has enabled the remediation of an extensive area of contaminated land which was the result of previous industrial land use,” Ms Hailes said.

“That is a fantastic example of how quality urban development can improve the surrounding ecosystem while also providing quality places for people to live, work and recreate,” Ms Hailes said.

On completion, Shoreline will feature a main street linked to a beach plaza, dining and entertainment areas, a primary school and 7.5 hectares of public open space including landscaped parks with boardwalks, a sports playing field and a public square.

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