The challenging economic conditions that WA has been facing will be further eased by the significant federal infrastructure funding announced today according to the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA WA).

“For too long, WA has missed out on its share of the billions of dollars in infrastructure investment that have been spent in other states,” UDIA WA CEO Allison Hailes said.  “Today’s announcement of additional infrastructure funding for WA is recognition of the needs of WA’s growing population.”

“Infrastructure Australia’s recent report highlighted Perth’s road and rail networks as priority areas that require funding to ease urban congestion and facilitate future growth,” Ms Hailes said.

“The WA economy has been in a slow recovery mode over the last few months and today’s announcement of $3.2 billion in federal funding is a significant investment in important economic infrastructure and in the future of our state,” Ms Hailes said.

“UDIA has been advocating for many years for greater investment in Perth’s transport infrastructure.  It is critical to ensuring Perth maintains parity with other capital cities and can become a smarter, more creative, prosperous and liveable place which attracts the best of the best” Ms Hailes said.

“Infrastructure investment in Perth is critical to the continued growth of the whole state, delivering much needed services and improving connectivity,” Ms Hailes said.

“In particular, investment in METRONET is essential to ensuring that Perth can grow sustainably, with the transport connectivity that is required in a modern city,” Ms Hailes said.

“It is fantastic to see that the state government’s plan for METRONET will be implemented with the assistance of this funding.” Ms Hailes said.

“The people of Ellenbrook have waited patiently for a train line to that area for many years and with this funding finally in place that plan will become a reality,” Ms Hailes said.

“It is promising to hear that the proposed City Deal will look at delivering the planning reforms and infrastructure that Perth needs to become a world class capital,” Ms Hailes said.

“The infrastructure to be delivered will facilitate new urban development, which will be a catalyst for new jobs and economic growth and attract the further investment and talent we need,” Ms Hailes said.


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Gemma Osiejak
UDIA WA Executive Manager Communications & Marketing
M: 0421 506 819