Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has delivered on her promise to create a problem-solving strike squad to improve planning outcomes.

The reform team will attempt to resolve the intractable issues that confuse, create delays and inefficiencies and account for up to a third of the cost of a house in some cases.

Of particular concern to the industry is the confusion between State and local government planning objectives.

The “planning reform team”, led by well-regarded town planner Evan Jones working with parliamentary secretary John Carey, has been charged with ensuring outcomes align with MetroNet, deliver housing choice, improve use of public transport and enhance the built and natural environment. Industry response was swift.

The Urban Development Institute WA was “encouraged”, the Master Builders Association “pleased” and Property Council WA declared it “likes this initiative”.

“Government processes and policy are a significant cost burden, so making the system more efficient is good news for those looking to purchase a new home in terms of the end price,” UDIA WA chief executive Allison Hailes said.

Master Builders Association director Michael McLean said: “Establishing a simpler, more transparent and accountable planning system would benefit everyone.”

Property Council WA executive director Lino Iacomella said transport also needed a shakeup.