The rejection of the Iconic Scarborough development application proposed by 3 Oceans Property is a blow to redevelopment of the area and will deter other potential local and interstate investors from looking at WA according to the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA WA).

“The Iconic Scarborough proposal had the support of local and state government agencies as well as members from both sides of politics,” UDIA CEO Allison Hailes said. “There was also strong support from the local community for the development which incorporated high quality design elements and visionary architecture.”

“The decision by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) is short sighted and extremely disappointing,” Ms Hailes said.

“The MRA is sending a message to potential developers and investors in the area that we are not open to innovation or vision, we just want more of the same bland development that has stymied many areas in Perth from achieving their potential,” Ms Hailes said.

“Perth’s CBD has been undergoing a renaissance in recent years and it has been exciting to see increased vibrancy and activity in the CBD, however our coast is a completely different story,” Ms Hailes said.

“Coastal development in Perth and across WA continues to be too hard, and this undervalues the role of our amazing coastline,” Ms Hailes said.

“Coastal development is often delayed or deterred due to a lack of vision and bravery from decision makers,” Ms Hailes said.

“The Iconic Scarborough project would have been a catalyst for further private sector investment and regeneration of the area and set a very high standard for future developments,” Ms Hailes said.

“It would be an absolute asset to the broader Scarborough community.”

“Hundreds of short and long term jobs would have been created by this project both during construction and in local employment on completion,” Ms Hailes said. “Not to mention the stimulation it would have provided for tourism and attracting people to the area to support existing local businesses.”


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UDIA WA Executive Manager Communications & Marketing


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