Further Information

References and websites to help build an understanding of incorporating sustainability into development projects and the benefits associated with an EnviroDevelopment certification.

Articles/ References

Business Case for EnviroDevelopment Certification.  Overview of the EnviroDevelopment program and potential benefits to developers, project teams, government and community.  http://www.envirodevelopment.com/_dbase_upl/UDIA_EnviroDevelopment_Business_Case_final.pdf

Developer Factsheets.  Factsheets provide an overview of the benefits to the developer and tips on how best to achieve each element. http://www.envirodevelopment.com.au/_dbase_upl/Developer_Fact_Sheets.pdf

EnviroDevelopment Survey Findings (2013).  Factsheet on a 2013 survey of developers using the EnviroDevelopment branding. http://www.envirodevelopment.com.au/_dbase_upl/2013_EnviroDevelopment_Survey_Fact_Sheet.pdf

Smart Waste Guide. A guide for builders, subcontractors and clients to help avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle waste. https://www.mbawa.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Smart-Waste-Guide-resized.pdf


Websites/ Links

Western Power.  Information and examples on innovative energy solutions in WA https://westernpower.com.au/energy-solutions/

Water Corporation.  Information on water efficiency programs including the Waterwise Development endorsement.  https://www.watercorporation.com.au/home/business/saving-water/water-efficiency-programs

CRC Water Sensitive Cities.  Research centre to help revolutionise urban water management. https://watersensitivecities.org.au/about-the-crcwsc/

CRC Low Carbon Living.  National research and innovation hub for a low carbon built environment sector.  http://www.lowcarbonlivingcrc.com.au/

Heart Foundation’s Healthy Active by Design. Resource and support tool for liveable places and spaces, helping contributing to EnviroDevelopment recognition. http://www.healthyactivebydesign.com.au/?state_location=30

202020 Vision. Website supporting the vision to make urban areas 20% greener by 2020. http://202020vision.com.au/

The Conversation. Independent news and views from the academic and research community to provide a better understanding of current affairs and complex issues. Follow ‘Cities’ or ‘Environment and Energy’ tags. https://theconversation.com/au

The Fifth Estate. News, views and information for the sustainable built environment. https://www.thefifthestate.com.au/

Landguide.  Website helping consumers identify available land with capability to search for certified EnviroDevelopments. https://www.landguide.com.au/land?enviroDevelopment=true

Josh’s House.  Showcases benefits of sustainable housing to the community through demonstration and inspiration. http://joshshouse.com.au/