The Regions

The urban development industry is part of building Western Australia’s regional communities.

From towns in the South West to our more remote north west, the development industry is working to provide appropriate housing to people living in the regions.


The south west is one of the fastest growing regions in Western Australia and the economy has growth 49.6% in the last five years.

The Greater Bunbury region, which is essentially the gateway to the South West, is home to over 67,000 people and acts as a major regional centre with the potential for future growth into an even more significant economic hub for the state.

Numerous residential and commercial developments throughout the South West, including Bunbury, have increased the level of services and amenities available to residents in the region as well as the diversity of housing stock.

The South West has an ageing population, with more retirees choosing to move to the area for a tree or sea change.  This impacts on the type of housing that is in demand.

The upgrade to the Busselton Airport also has the potential to boost growth in the region as more visitors will have a positive impact on the local economy and employment prospects.

The development industry in the region continues to work with government and local communities to ensure that new development adds value and positively contributes to the area while providing a diversity of housing options for the population.


Towns such as Albany and Denmark have experienced significant growth over the last decade as more people move to the region for employment as well as retirees looking for a quieter lifestyle.

UDIA members work with local communities to ensure they are providing the right housing options and amenities suitable to the local context.


UDIA members have been actively engaged in the North West region over many years, through booms and downturns.  The market in this region can be volatile given the reliance on mining for employment and economic prosperity.

UDIA award winning developments in the region have successfully approached community building and the provision of affordable, appropriate housing for residents in the context of challenging market conditions.