• ABS expects the proportion of older people to continue to rise for the next decade
  • By 2025 the number of people aged over 65 is set to surpass 510,000 in WA
  • An ageing population requires a diversity of housing options

Western Australia’s population is ageing which means providing appropriate housing for senior Australians is an important issue.

The development industry is responding to this need through the provision of a range of housing choices for older Australians in new and existing areas including dedicated seniors living developments that have a high level of amenity.

Developers are also integrating a range of amenities into their mainstream developments to assist ageing residents such as health clubs, concierge and cafes.

It is important to provide opportunities for older people to ‘age in place’ so they can remain a part of their local community.

Providing a range of housing options in new and existing areas provides people with choices when it comes to the right housing for them.