The Property Tribune

In the midst of the current housing crisis, many Aboriginal Western Australians face significant challenges in accessing safe and culturally appropriate social and affordable housing.

Research shows that Aboriginal people face significant disadvantages in housing markets. For example, compared to other Australians, Aboriginal people are less likely to own their own home and ten times more likely to live in social housing or experience homelessness.

According to Shelter WA CEO, Kath Snell, specific challenges can include a lack of available housing, especially in rural or remote areas; poor quality housing; expensive maintenance requirements; homelessness; and fit out and designs that do not meet the climate needs of the region the homes are located.

On top of these challenges, a lack of culturally appropriate services and housing that supports kinship is a significant issue.

This article was republished by The Property Tribune after originally being written for UDIA WA’s The Urbanist magazine. To read the article in full, click here.