PropTech Hub WA officially opened February 2021 and quickly became the leading advocate in Western Australia connecting innovation to the largest industry, property & construction. Voicing the opportunities to industry and promoting cutting edge innovation that is changing how the sector operates today, tomorrow and in decades to come.

For example, uDrew helping homeowners get pool, patio and shed permits quicker, Scantek verifying identification easier for land transactions, Realtime Conveyancer simplifying settlements, Realty Assist processing finance options better, Openn negotiation selling homes more transparently, Phaeton creating crypto currency backed by property and powered by renewable energy, Inspect Kit reporting land faster, Whizzl making it easier for community to communicate with local government, Our Towns creating an open source format for community interaction and the list keeps going on and on.

Don’t believe that the list continues, then lets go again. Tecstack is educating our sector on how blockchain will impact them and the opportunities for organisations, pointData uses machine learning to value land more accurately, Mortgage Mates pairs individuals for co-ownership, Enconyx smart building software pairs real-time monitoring and data collection with Artificial Intelligence, Time Unbarred simplifies civil and construction agreements, Hemp Squared is all about providing sustainable building materials with climate change in mind, Sipform is flat packing homes and sending pieces like lego to site in a unique building method, Lpod has stamped its twist on modular builds and still the list goes on.

The point is, you’re either embracing innovation and pulling it into your organisation. Or, you’re not. Think Blockbuster and Netflix. The biggest companies can fall because they didn’t pull in the opportunities that innovation offers.

It’s the sole reason Jeff Leach of JJ Leach Group and Cullum Ashton of Builderz WA teamed up in December 2020. To bring amazing talent into one place, make creating fun and building cool innovation to help the property and construction sector. What started with wanting a cool hang out space for those in jeans and a shirt, thongs optional, has quickly become on track to transform Perth into the PropTech Capital of Australia. With now 39 property and construction technology members, the industry have followed in droves to see what is out there, what is coming and input towards what can be created.

Since February 2021, more than 10 events have brought innovators and industry together. Members have raised more than $5 million, most of the investment coming from WA investors. A radio show called PropTech Radio Show Perth was launched with a goal of a 1,000 listeners by the end of season 5, which the goal was achieved by episode 6 season 1. An investment council chaired by UDIA’s own Tanya Steinbeck, and a steering committee of innovators pushing their agenda have been formed. An awards night showcasing innovators and acknowledging their achievements. Which wouldn’t be possible without Major Sponsors CommBank, PEXA and Move Homes.

But what is next? Is the question you’ve probably been thinking. How do I get involved you might say! The answer is, take your pick. Events include Builderz WA Social Housing & Sustainability Showcase WA April 21, PEXA PropTech Hub WA Awards June 8, Enconyx Christmas In July Industry Summit 2022 July 14, CommBank PropTech Pitch September 8, and the Enconyx End of Year Gala 2022 December 15.

For the very first time, in WA, there will be a PropTech Accelerator for land developers, builders, property and construction suppliers to come with their big ideas and be supported to transform the idea into a minimum viable product and have a lean canvas plan. With Tom Young as Program Mentor, sharing his journey of a start-up life cycle, and the experiences gained from prior accelerators as a participant. Multi-award winner and awarded Western Australia Innovator of the Year in 2018, a highly competitive Western Australian Government process which is apart of the New Industries Fund.

In an attempt to inspire women into property and construction technology, a program funded by the Department of Jobs Tourism Science & Innovation called WIPP – Women In PropTech Perth organised by Kirsty Payne Office Manager of PropTech Hub WA, Andrea Williams Director of Asset Reports, Kylie Dillon Founder of Realtime Conveyancer, and Julia  Buchholz Chief Marketing Officer of Whizzl. Keeping the cool space and easy going vibe, they have 3 planned workshops focusing on raising capital, scaling nationally, and signing a big client. Of course, finished off with wine and nibbles.

It’s your choice, will you be walking through the doors of PropTech Hub WA in 2022? Yes or no, you can bet that at least one of your competitors will be. What’s that old saying, first in best dressed. When it comes to innovation, nothing could be further from the truth.

Written by Cullum Ashton, General Manager of PropTech Hub WA