UDIA represented on MetroNet

UDIA has been offered a position on the MetroNet private sector reference group and we will nominate a representative this week.  MetroNet is a key project for the connectivity of Perth and will have a huge impact on the growth of Perth.

UDIA is particularly keen to ensure the areas around designated train stations are transformed into community hubs that are a centre for employment, retail, amenity and services.

In particular, we want to see the government provide leadership in creating a precinct plan for each station in collaboration with industry, which outlines a blue print for each site area.

More information on our position can be found in our media release here

UDIA WA Council meeting

UDIA WA State Council met on Wednesday afternoon.  Key policy and advocacy issues that were discussed included:

  • The status of the Sub Regional Frameworks for Perth and Peel and the Green Growth Plan
  • Developer Contributions for Community Infrastructure
  • Greater transparency and performance reporting by government
  • Industry representation and input on MetroNet
  • Infrastructure WA

Latest market intelligence released

This month’s UDIA Urban Intelligence report was released to members on Tuesday providing a comprehensive rundown on the latest economic and property market trends.

The data shows that non-First Home Buyer dwelling finances are steady and the average loan size for this group is up 6.1%.  The value of building jobs (excluding houses) for dwellings rose 44% during the December quarter.

Other figures to highlight from the report include that the Consumer Price Index for Greater Perth is up 0.4% and the Wage Price Index in WA is up 0.6%.

The full report is available in the Members section of the UDIA website, you will need to log in to view here

Developer contributions 

UDIA has met with several local government CEOs regarding the current approach to developer contributions for community infrastructure and industry concerns in relation to the management of schemes.

UDIA has agreed to collaborate with a number of major local governments on reforms to the developer contributions system. It is intended that a joint approach is taken to the state government as part of the current planning reform agenda.

Breakfast with the Premier

UDIA CEO Allison Hailes attended breakfast with the Premier hosted by WA Business News last Friday.  The Premier’s presentation was centred around how the state is managing the budget and their ‘jobs agenda’.  Mr McGowan outlined what the government is doing to promote diversity in the economy while admitting that the mining sector is still expected to lead the recovery.

During question time, Ms Hailes queried the Premier on if the government has considered the ramifications of the mining downturn to Perth’s overall identity.  Once known as the ‘mining capital of Australia’, do we need to create a new brand to sell our state internationally to attract new business and tourism?

The Premier advised that the government is working on this issue and is looking to release a new ‘brand for Perth’ by the end of the year.

UDIA Submissions

UDIA welcomes comments and feedback from members that can assist in informing UDIA’s submissions on the following topics, please forward directly to policy@udiawa.com.au by the dates below:

  • SPP 2.2, 2.3 & 2.7: The Review of State Planning Policy for public drinking water source area protection (forward comments to UDIA by 1 March 2018)
  • Development Control policies 1.1, 1.2, 1.7, 2.5 and 5.1 (forward comments to UDIA by 1 March 2018)
  • Infrastructure WA (forward comments to UDIA by 13 March 2018)
  • Mandogalup City of Kwinana (forward comments to UDIA by 15 March 2018)

Strata Titles Reform – progress

Landgate is undertaking confidential consultation on the first draft of the Community Titles legislation.  UDIA has been provided with the first draft and will be offering our feedback on behalf of industry.

Further public consultation will be undertaken once the Bill is introduced to Parliament. We will keep members informed as we are able.

Green Growth Plan – status

UDIA is aware that members are keen to understand what is happening in relation to the draft Green Growth Plan for Perth and Peel in terms of how and when it will be implemented.

UDIA will continue to liaise with the state government regarding the need for improved engagement with the urban development industry as part of the decision making and finalisation process for the plan.

State conference next week!

We are looking forward to hosting over 100 delegates at our 2018 State Conference in Bunker Bay next week. We have a fantastic line up of speakers discussing issues around the theme Developing WA.

Thank you to sponsors Harley Dykstra and 360 Environmental for supporting the conference.

Registrations have now closed for this event and we will share some of the key learnings from the conference with members in the weeks to follow.

UDIA Professional Development Program open for registrations

The highly regarded UDIA WA Professional Development Program specialising in Property Development and Project Management is now open for registrations for the April 2018 and October 2018 intakes.

This comprehensive program is tailored directly to those working in the property industry in Western Australia and ensures participants gain a practical understanding of the tools needed to navigate through complex development processes and the different roles within a project team.

More details including the registration form are available here

Yagan Square to open

Yagan Square, dubbed the new ‘heart of Perth’ will open to the public on the March long weekend.  Located between the Perth Train Station and Perth Busport, it is hoped Yagan Square will become an important hub providing a meeting place for public transport passengers that will pass through the precinct on a daily basis.

According to Minister Saffioti, Yagan Square has provided hundreds of jobs during planning and construction as well as exciting opportunities for new small businesses.

Renewables and storage powering Australia

A new report by the Climate Council of Australia argues that the strategic use of distributed, utility scale energy storage in Australia’s electricity grid can simultaneously ensure a secure, reliable, clean and increasingly affordable electricity supply.

Key findings of the report include that an energy storage boom is on the horizon driven by supportive policies and falling costs; the cost of energy storage solutions are falling rapidly; Australian households are increasingly embracing battery storage units to complement household solar; and energy storage is a crucial technology for tackling climate change.

The full report can be downloaded here