Urban Intelligence reveals positive economic growth

Retail turnover, the consumer price index (CPI) and wage price index (WPI) all reflected positive growth in Western Australia according to UDIA’s latest Urban Intelligence report.  According to the latest economic data, retail turnover increased by 12.9% for the month while CPI was up 0.5% and WPI up 0.3%.

Good news for the property market included the increase in first home owner grant applications for the month with a 29.3% lift, however investment housing loans did decrease by 11.5%.

The feature article this month takes a closer look at the relationship between projected job growth and demand for land and references the job and dwelling growth targets for certain areas in the Perth Metro Area under the new state government sub regional frameworks.

Members can download the full report here.

Member survey – your feedback needed!

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UDIA meets with John Carey MLA

UDIA representatives met with John Carey MLA, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Transport; Planning and Lands on Wednesday to discuss a range of industry issues relevant to the portfolio. A key issue for discussion was the planning reform green paper and the need for cultural change within the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage (DPLH) in order to achieve successful implementation.  UDIA’s submission on the green paper will compromise of a response to the legislative and policy proposals as well as recommendations for their implementation.

Further items for discussion included outstanding issues with the apartment guidelines under Design WA; advocacy actions to secure further federal funding in the lead up to the federal election; ongoing issues with referral agencies acting as planning authorities, such as Main Roads and Department of Fire and Emergency Services; and the status of Planning for Bushfire Review by Dr Buti. UDIA expressed that this review and implementation needs to be finalised as a priority.

Transitioning to a water smart city and community

UDIA CEO Allison Hailes spoke at an Australian Water Association (AWA) industry breakfast on Tuesday focused on the opportunities available to Perth to transition to a water smart city though policy settings, design and planning policy and codes as well as champions pursuing the developmental approach.

Allison highlighted that some of the key actions needed to transition Perth to a Water Sensitive City. She recommended developing a State Water Strategy that provides guidance to government agencies as well as industry about what we want to achieve and how.  Allison also advised that we need a whole of government approach so there is better alignment between various government policies and we need more knowledge dissemination and capacity building through government and industry.

When asked if developers are interested in water sensitivity and how it can be promoted, Allison provided a comprehensive list of projects where developers have implemented a water sensitive approach in the last few years including leading examples such as Rosehill Waters, Bushmead, Alkimos Beach, Shoreline and White Gum Valley.

UDIA WA Council update

Your UDIA WA Council met on Wednesday afternoon to work through a packed agenda.  Among a range of discussion items, some of the key issues included the review of the UDIA WA Constitution; the establishment of a UDIA Local Government Committee consisting of local government CEOs and senior industry representatives to improve working relationships and identify issues in common; UDIA’s position on the planning reform green paper; progress of the review of the Strategic Assessment of Perth and Peel Region; and the implementation of the Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million frameworks.

UDIA Council is committed to ensuring that the institute continues to represent members on the key issues impacting the property industry in WA and nationally.

City of Perth Environmentally Sustainable Design Options Analysis Workshop

UDIA attended a workshop with the City of Perth to examine Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Options. The City has undertaken a review of possible options for the introduction of ESD local planning policy and adoption of local planning scheme provisions.

The review is recommending the introduction of green star building requirements for a range of development proposals. UDIA reiterated the importance of ensuring that the implications of the introduction of ESD requirements are fully considered particularly with regards to development feasibility but the consistency of requirements against other development requirements.

UDIA will keep members informed of the City of Perth’s progress.

Local Government 2020

The Department of Local Government is leading a review of the Local Government Act 1995 with the aim to modernise the Act and identify ways to reduce red tape and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of councils.

Phase one of the review, which focused on modernising local government and meeting community and public expectations, closed in March after a public consultation period that received 240 submissions, including one from UDIA on behalf of members.

Phase two of the review is focused on ‘delivering for communities’ and will examine issues including elections; community consultation and engagement’ integrated planning and reporting, financial management; rates and charges; and administrative efficiencies.

To assist in the preparation of discussion papers for phase two topics, the department is hosting a series of forums.  Participation in the forums is via expression of interest.  Please visit here for more details.

UDIA will participate in the consultation on phase two on behalf of our members.

Western Power – ‘fixed price service requests price change’

“Fixed Price Service Request” is the term typically used to describe particular services such as meter installations, temporary connections and standard disconnections and reconnections.

Each of these services requires an isolation to the network to enable our construction crews to complete the service request.

It is important for Western Power to recover the costs to deliver this work. This adjustment will allow Western Power to recover the full cost of these services.

For a table of price changes and frequently asked questions, download the full industry bulletin here.

WA population grows

According to ABS data released today, the Western Australian population grew 0.8% in the year to December 2017 to hit 2.58million.   Victoria recorded the highest growth rate of all states and territories at 2.3%. The Northern Territory recorded the lowest growth rate at 0.2%.

Overall, Australia’s population grew by 388,000 people in 2017 to reach 24.8 million by the end of the year. As a result, it is projected that Australia will reach a population of 25 million in early August 2018.

More information here.

Inner city college in Subi takes next step

Stage one of the new Inner City College in Subiaco has received development approval which includes health and physical education, technologies and science and student services with a cafeteria, library and lecture theatres.

Planning studies are continuing for the broader Subi East project area to investigate options for the delivery of new and diverse housing supply close to existing transport and community infrastructure. The area should deliver new mixed-use development, diverse housing supply and improved community amenities through shared use of the Subiaco Oval playing field.

Fraud Awareness Session hosted by Macquarie Bank

UDIA is running a free member briefing on Fraud Awareness in August facilitated by Macquarie Bank.

Reducing risk exposure to fraud across your business is a vital activity. We all have the responsibility to remain vigilant to the potential threats and likely exposure to fraud, faced by our business and our clients.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in attempts to de-fraud businesses using new and sophisticated methods, such as malware and client email compromises.

Jonathan Martin, Fraud Investigations Specialist Macquarie Banking Financial Services will be delivering an informative session that will update you on the current fraud trends that can affect your business (as well as your own personal life) and how best to mitigate the risks by following correct procedures and avoiding potential losses.

Date:                     Wednesday 1st August 2018

Time:                     12.00pm – 1.00pm

Location:              Ground Floor, 235 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000


This session is free of charge for all UDIA WA members, but places are limited and RSVPs are essential by Friday 20th July. Registration form can be downloaded here.

Confirm your place by emailing events@udiawa.com.au

Water Corp CEO resigns

It is with disappointment that UDIA learned that Water Corporation Chief Executive Officer Sue Murphy has announced that she has decided not to renew her contract, which expires at the end of the year.

Mrs Murphy has spent a decade as CEO and has been a key driver of cultural change at the organisation and UDIA has valued working with her over the last ten years.

A recruitment process led by the Water Corporation Board will now progress.  We wish Sue the very best in her next steps.

Income tax cuts pass Senate

The federal government’s $144 billion income tax cut package has passed the Senate today 37 votes to 33 after the government achieved support from One Nation and Centre Alliance Senators providing the necessary votes. The package includes lifting the 32.5 per cent tax bracket to $90,000 from 1 July 2018, around 200,000 taxpayers will be prevented from moving into the 37 per cent tax bracket.

Further threshold changes in 2022‒23 and 2024‒25 will simplify and flatten personal tax rates.

Notices will now be issued by the Australian Tax Office to businesses advising them to increase the upper threshold for the 32.5 per cent marginal tax rate from $87,000 to $90,000 from July 1.

Latest housing report holds no surprises

According to the latest Corelogic-Moody’s Analytics Australian Home Value Index Forecast, Perth’s housing market will remain flat while Sydney and Melbourne have begun to slow. Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart’s housing markets continue to improve according to the report. Nationally, house values will fall 0.5 per cent during the year after rising 8.6 per cent last year, the researchers found.

Looking at Perth houses in particular, the report says will see another year of falling prices with a 0.5 per cent drop forecast, but the researchers expect recovery in 2019 with a 2.2 per cent increase underpinned by a recovering local economy.

The nation’s economy is on an upward trend as business investment is increasing, and employment is growing around 3.1 per cent year-on-year, sitting comfortably above its 1.9 per cent long-term trend. GDP growth is forecast to hit 3.1 per cent in 2018, up from a 2.3 per cent expansion in 2017.

Houseandland.com.au research into reasons for building a home

Research commissioned by houseandland.com.au demonstrates that Western Australian’s are the savviest when it comes to saving with 42% citing cost effectiveness as a reason to build a home.

Find out more about the latest research here.