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UDIA provides submissions to government on behalf of industry on a range of proposals and draft policy.  UDIA submissions are constructive and well informed and aim to provide workable solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes for industry, government and the community. 

Download UDIA (WA Division) submissions below:

UDIA National submissions available here.

UDIA Submission: Discussion Paper - Waste Levy and Waste Management
UDIA Submission: Port Hedland Dust Management Taskforce
UDIA Submission: Strata Titles Act Reform Discussion Paper: Management of Schemes Staged Development and Dispute Resolution
UDIA Submission: Revised draft referral guideline for three threatened black cockatoo species
UDIA Submission: Draft Development Control Policy 2.2 - Residential Subdivision
Draft Sewerage Policy UDIA Submission
SPP3.6 Development Contributions for Infrastructure
UDIA Submission: City of Kwinana draft Urban Amenity Strategy and draft LPP No. 2 - Streetscapes
DC 4.3: Planning for High Pressure Gas Pipelines


Design WA
Proposed Amendments to SPP3.1 Residential Design Codes
Decision Process for Stormwater Management in Western Australia
Post Implementation Review of Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015
EPA Legal and Governance Review
Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million
Dept. Environment (Cwlth) Banksia Woodlands TEC
DC Policy 1.10 Freeway Service Centres and Roadhouses Submission
City of South Perth Revised Amendment 46 Submission
UDIA Liveable Neighbourhoods Submission
City of Kwinana Developer Contributions Amendment 100 & 145
EPA Environmental Assessment Guideline for Separation Distances
DER Guidance Statement: Separation Distances 
DER Contamined Sites Guidelines 
UDIA WA Perth and Peel @ 3.5million & Sub-Regional Planning Frameworks Submission
Parliamentary Enquiry - DAP's
Review of EPA Environmental Assessment Guideline 10 (Scoping a Proposal)
(DER) Draft Guideline: Submitting an application for the use of waster-derived materials (case-by-case determination)
City of Cambridge Amendment 31
(DoW): Amendment of the Water Services Regulations 2013 – consultation paper
City of South Perth Town Planning Scheme No.6 – Amendment No.46
(DER) Draft Guidance Statement: Setting Conditions
(DoW) Peel Groundwater Allocation Plan
(DER) Draft Guidance Statement: Land use Planning – Role & Responsibilities
(DoP) SPP5.1 – Land Use Planning in the Vicinity of Perth Airport
UDIA WA Sale of Land Act 2015 Submission
Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act review
WA Bilateral Agreement - Environmental Approval
State Planning Policy 5.1 - Land Use Planning in the Vicinity of Perth Airport
Legislative Council Standing Committee Inquiry into Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panel) Regulations
Parliament of Western Australia Joint Standing Committee, Inquiry into access to Australian Standards
Landgate Strata Titles Act Reform
SPP 5.2 Telecommunications Infrastructure
ERA: proposed revised access arrangement for the mid-west and south-west gas distribution system (draft decision)
NBN Summary Points
City of Wanneroo: Minimum Public Open Space Requirements & Draft Stormwater Drainage Specs
DER Draft Material Guideline: Clean Fill
DER Draft Guidance Statement: Regulatory Principles
DER Draft Material Guideline: Construction Products
Water Corp Water Forever South West Draft Report
R-Codes Ammendments Submission November 2014
Planning and Development (Bushfire risk Management) Regulations 2014
UPSC Code of Practice Submission
Jandakot Groundwater Policy - SPP2.3
The Need for a Medium Density Code - Greenfields Development
Regulating the use of waste derived materials - DER Draft Guidance Statement
Planning for Bushfire Risk Management Guidelines (SPP3.7)
DFES Concept Paper: Review of the Emergency Services Acts
Shire of Murray Residential Design Local Planning Policy
City of Cockburn Percent for Art Policy
Submission to Draft SPP 3.7 Planning for Bushfire Risk Management
Proposed R-Code ammendments - SPP 3.1
WA Bilateral Agreement- environmental assessment
Swan Coastal Plain - Draft Management Plan UDIA Submission
ERA Micro Economic Reform Submission
Review of Local Planning Policy 3.3.15 - Prevention of Sand and Dust Drift
Review of the Contaminated Sites Act 2003
Submission to the Metropolitan Local Government District Inquiries
Securing Western Australia's water future - reforming water resource management
Review of the Planning and Development Act
Planning Makes it Happen Phase Two
Planning Provisions for Affordable Housing 
Liveable Neighbourhoods Review
Guidelines for District Water Management Strategies, DoW
A Guide to Managing Stormwater Runoff from Urban Infill and Redevelopment Areas, DoW
Subcatchments Implementation Plan, Peel Harvey Catchment Council
Contaminated Sites Act Review, DEC
Better Urban Water Management Guidance Notes Series, DoW
Activity Centres Policy, City of Wanneroo
Guidelines Assessing the Need for and Setting Groundwater Level Controls, DoW
SPP 2.6 State Coastal Planning Policy
Metropolitan Local Government Review Draft Findings
Draft Government Sewerage Policy, DoH
2012 UDIA Advocacy Agenda 
Operational Policy 1.X. Identifying and Establishing Waterways Foreshore Areas 
City of Swan LPP Structure Planning
Minor Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Administrative Procedures
Open Space Classification Framework, Department of Sport and Recreation 
DC 1.8 Canal Estates 
National Environmental Offsets Policy 
Australian Government Biodiversity Policy
Structure Plan Preparation Guidelines  
First-in First-served, DoW 
Identification and Investigation of Acid Sulfate Soils and Acidic Landscapes Update   
UDIA National Cost Recovery, EPBC   
Public Transport for Perth in 2031 
Strategic Assessment 
Greater Bunbury Strategy
R-Codes Review UDIA Submission
IPWEA Guidelines
Distribution Low Voltage Connection Scheme, Western Power
Parliamentary Economics and Industry Standing Committee 
Rockingham DCP Amendment 114 
Draft Referral Guidelines Three Threatened Species of Black Cockatoos   
UDIA National A Sustainable Population for Australia  
UDIA National Our Cities Submission 
New ASS Action for Bassendean Sands 
Conservation Advice January 2011 and Answers to UDIA Questions   
City of Swan Developer Contribution Plans (DCP's) 
Wanneroo LPP 4.4 Urban Water Management 
Wanneroo LPP 3.3 Development Contributions and Northern Costal Corridor CFP  
Outer Metropolitan Perth and Peel Sub-Regional Strategy     
Central Metropolitan Perth Sub-Regional Strategy 
ESC NEPM Variation UDIA Submission
Serpentine Jarradale Shire Byford Developer Contribution Plan  
Cockburn Development Contribution Plan 
Storm Water Management Policy UDIA Response  
WALGA Water for POS - UDIA Response 
Non-Drinking Water Approval Framework 
Schemes within Schemes 
Busselton - Draft Local Tourism Planning Strategy UDIA Response 
Swan River Trust Nutrient Offset Policy UDIA Response 
EPA Timelines for Environmental Impact Assessment
Shire of Murray - Draft Floodplain Strategy
Industrial Land Strategy
Multi Unit Housing Code
Busselton - Local Settlement Planning Strategy 
Town of Kwinana Amendment 100 & 115 Developer Contributions  
EPA Environmental Assessment Guidelines 
City of Wanneroo Local Planning Policy 4.1: Wetlands 
Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire Local Planning Policy 4: Revegetation 
Draft South Metropolitan and Peel Sub Regional Structure Plan
EIA Timelines for Proposals
Social Housing Taskforce Report and Housing 2020
Gnangara Sustainability Strategy  
Planning Bulletin 97 
Armadale Redevelopment Authority re Wungong 
Review of Town Planning Regulations and Model Scheme Text 
Directions 2031 
Building a Better Planning System Review
Australian Standards 4970 Protection Of Trees On Development
Alternate Water Supply Guidelines DOH June 2009
Busselton Local Settlement Planning Strategy June 2009 
Draft Treatment And Management Of ASS Dec June 2009 
IPWEA Guidelines May 2009 
Proposal For New Tenure Legislation May 2009 
Dept. Of Health CLAG Funding Submission April 2009 
WAPC Perth Coastal Planning Strategy March 2009 
First Home Owner Grant Boost Case For Continuance March 2009 
Mandurah Developer Contributions Scheme Amendment March 2009 
WAPC R20 Provisions March 2009 
EPBC Act Policy Statement 3.10 Feb 2009 
Wanneroo Tree Preservation Policy January 2009 
EPBC Act Review December 2008 
South West Framework September 2008 
Clearing Of Native Vege Reg Review August 2008 
SPP 3.6 Development Contributions July 2008 
Swan Urban Growth Corridor DWMP July 2008 
Swan River Trust Nutrient Offset Contribution Scheme May 2008 
Margaret River Townsite Strategy May 2008 
ERA Inquiry Into Developer Contributions To Water Corp May 2008 
DHW 5 Star Plus May 2008 
DOH Guidelines For Asbestos Contaminated Sites May 2008 
Byford Townsite DWMP April 2008 
Geraldton CBD Design Initiative March 2008 
Peel Harvey EEEA March 2008 
Perth Waterfront March 2008 
Senate Select Committee On Housing Affordability March 2008 
Water Competition Feb 2008 
Peel Harvey Water Quality Plan Dec 2007 
Percent For Art Busselton Nov 2007 
WSUD National Guidelines Nov 2007 
Kwinana Biodiversity Strategy Nov 2007 
Orientation Of Subdivisions October 2007 
Distribution Headworks Scheme Oct 2007 
Environmental Offsets Guidance Sept 2007 
Health Impact Assessment Sept 2007 
Economic Review Of Land And Housing Aug 2007 
Armadale Dieback Discussion Paper Feb 2007 
State Infrastructure Strategy Greenpaper Dec 2006 
Wetland Buffer Guidelines April 2006 
City Of Swan Growth Policy Submission March 2006 
Waterwise Land Development Criteria March 2006 
Biodiversity Strategy April 2005 
Coastal Planning Policy Dec 2005 
Conservation Of Heritage Places July 2005 
Disincentives To Conservation Oct 2005 
Environmental Protection (Swan Coastal Plain Wetlands) April 
LGA Structural And Electoral Reform Dec 2005 
Liveable Neighbourhoods Policy Feb 2005 
Network City January 2005 
Pre Budget Submission 2005 
Public Accounts Committee Review Into Developer Contribution 
Swan And Canning Rivers Mgmt Bill April 2005 
UDIA And Western Power Subdivision Energisation Process Revie
Urban Growth And Settlement Policy June 2005 
Wanneroo Housing Strategy Sept 2005 
Wanneroo Smart Growth Assessment Tool May 2005 
Bush Forever Related Lands Nov 2004 
Clearing Of Native Vegetation Feb 2004 
Contaminated Sites Regs Nov 2004 
Development Assessment Consultation June 2004 
Erosion Of Property Rights Joint Report Feb 2004 
Inquiry Into Developer Contributions Feb 2004 
Planning Process Review March 2004 
Productivity Commission Inquiry Into First Home Ownership 
Public Accounts Committee Into Developer Contributions 
Swan Coastal Plain Wetlands Nov 2004 
Swan Coastal Plain Wetlands October 2004 
Urban And Regional Planning Bill May 2004