Town Planning & Design firm Taylor Burrell Barnett (TBB) this year celebrates a special milestone, marking 50 years in business.

In half a century, our society has experienced changes beyond the imagination of all but the most visionary among us. We may lament the change or we may celebrate it; but if one thing is certain in this uncertain world, it is that change is inevitable. The Planning profession has a social responsibility within our society. It is at the heart of how our society evolves, physically, socially and economically.

Taylor Burrell Barnett has been a part of the planning and urban design landscape for half a century now; we have seen the change; we have been a part of the change; indeed, we have led much of that change. It is a significant milestone for any professional practice to reach, and TBB are extremely proud to now celebrate this achievement.

TBB recently launched its 50th Anniversary commemorative book that was produced specially to mark the occasion. The book highlights some of TBB’s more meaningful contributions to the shaping of communities over the last 50 years and offers some insights for planning the communities of the future.

“We are extremely proud of our achievements over such a long period of time and of the positive contribution we have been able to make to our state’s growth and development,” TBB Managing Director Lex Barnett said. “We have every intention of carrying on the good work and continuing the legacy of a professional practice founded on the values of integrity, authenticity and loyalty.”

If you would like a copy of the commemorative book please contact or visit to download the e-book.

We hope you enjoy.