The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA WA) has welcomed the establishment of Streamline WA by the State Government to address ineffective regulation and reduce the bureaucratic burden on business, industry and the community.

“UDIA WA has been engaged in consultation with the State Government on the establishment of Streamline WA and we are very pleased to see it taking shape,” UDIA WA CEO Tanya Steinbeck said.

“We support the State Government in addressing both the regulatory and cultural reform that has been much needed within the broader public sector. The decision makers need to understand the significant impact that government policy and regulation and regulatory practice can have from an economic, environmental and social perspective,” Ms Steinbeck said.

“If we look at the planning system as an example, one of the biggest issues facing the development industry is delays and complications related to the approvals process,” Ms Steinbeck said.

“All too often, projects are delayed because of competing priorities across agencies and inconsistent interpretations in how regulation should be administered,” Ms Steinbeck said.

“In prioritising areas of reform, Streamline WA must consider the positive impact that the property development industry has on driving the economy and job creation,” Ms Steinbeck said.

“Removing unnecessary red tape and regulation will provide a much needed boost to the development sector and will assist in reducing the cost burden on home buyers,” Ms Steinbeck said.

“We need to be serious about addressing our complex regulatory process if we are serious about addressing issues such as housing affordability,” Ms Steinbeck said.

“Whilst Streamline WA is a positive step in the right direction, it is the cumulative impact of poor regulatory practice at a state, local and federal government level that causes the greatest concern,” Ms Steinbeck said.

“The planning approvals process involves all three levels of government, and until we get all three working together to streamline processes we will still have lengthy and complex delays,” Ms Steinbeck said.


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