UDIA WA has been proactively working with Western Power and our members to resolve issues faced in securing clearances, gaining energisation, and delivering timely and much-needed housing supply. Following a roundtable UDIA organised between Western Power and our members in October a variety of actions was developed to provide ongoing updates on progress towards agreed goals. Please see the below table for updates to these actions since October.



By when


Addressing/Improving consistency around UDS ‘grey areas’:

Review and advise attendees of the frequency of changes to the UDS


Early November 2023


Ensure any changes to the UDS and/or policy interpretation are communicated to industry for consistency and to increase conformity


Immediate, ongoing


Work with the electrical consultants to create a complied list of issues with UDS policy interpretation to share with WP

UDIA / Electrical consultants

Early November 2023


Consider changes to the UDS, in consultation with industry

WP/Electrical consultants

Updated UDS draft will enter external stakeholder consultation period – Tentative 15th Nov – 8th Dec


Improve transparency, engagement, and prioritisation

Regularly provide a month ahead view of projects in queue for transparency and to aid prioritisation


Provide first update first week of November 2023


Re-introduce regular industry bulletins, covering issues relating to all forms of residential development


By early January 2024

To be progressed

Discuss how UDIA can help facilitate a view of member priorities at a portfolio level


By end October 2023

WP is actively engaging with developers, on a project volume basis, to understand priorities across their portfolio.

Re-establish the quarterly consultant forums


Hold first forum by early November 2023

Quarterly forums have been re-initiated, with the first one having taken place in mid-November.

Work with UDIA WA and developers to investigate a bond model / process to enable clearances to be issued for title creation, noting:


Engagement with UDIA and Developers by early November,

Proposed approach by December 2023,

Implementation early 2024 (*Pending WP review)

Initial engagement with UDIA WA developer members and UDIA WA’s Infrastructure SAG took place in early November.  In some circumstances, industry is aware that pre-DCR clearances have been issued without bonds.  WP committed to provide further guidance on the model and eligibility criteria.

Bond amount and what that means for onward activities will need to be equitable, and a DCR will still be required prior to energisation

The purpose of the bond to be agreed – a per lot fee or an allowance for remediation. DCR will still be required for safe energisation

Introduce a land development industry specific ‘Ask an Expert’ mechanism, noting:

This may mean a senior resource needs to be reallocated and it should focus on UDS-related queries.


1 November 2023

Completed – Technical Queries service reintroduced

Review administration processes to identify efficiencies e.g. removing the need for WP engagement with local governments to verify approvals confirmed by applicants


After next consultants meeting


Initiate a built form process review:

Set up a workshop with built form developers to undertake an MP works process review


Engagement with UDIA WA Built Form SAG 8 November 2023


Agree timeframe for process review and implementation


End-November 2023

TBD – Initial engagement was productive and UDIA WA’s Built Form SAG members will provide further input around systemic challenges / process pain points for consideration by WP.

Focus on improving design conformance in all applications to reduce the volume of rework and delays:

Share data around the non-conformance issues to improve industry understanding and consider sharing lessons learnt through the new DCR process trial with broader industry


Early November 2023


Support the new DCR process trial, including through performing audit role

Electrical consultants


Uptake increasing

Engage with own consultants to reinforce the expectation in scopes of work


Immediate, and ongoing

Commenced and ongoing

Provide consultant access to SPIDA


Commence trial by December 2023

Testing of a proof of concept for a new customer tool has been undertaken and provided sufficient confidence for WP to commence developing a production version.  Timing for general access TBC.

UDIA to brief WP on the National Housing Pipeline Perth and Peel Infrastructure Requirements work


Early November 2023


WP to identify potential capital items that could be included in the document


By December 2023

Initial discussions commenced and consideration ongoing