“Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” was the bottom line of the Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshop by Chatterbox Public Speaking, and how true it was!

Shil Shanghavi and Lois Andrijich (Directors/ Founders – Chatterbox Public Speaking) held what was an interactive and intimate UDIA Member Masterclass Workshop with around 30 young professionals looking to master the ability of speaking and presenting in public with confidence.

Shil and Lois began the workshop with their own experiences in public speaking and presenting which gave comfort that the experts were once like us, nervous, anxious and terrified of these situations! Having insight to their personnel experiences highlighted the importance of having confidence, composure and structure when speaking and presenting in any form of a professional environment.

The workshop transformed into an engaging lesson with Shil and Lois providing the group with clear, concise and simple steps on how to manage nerves and get comfortable when speaking in public and how to effectively structure presentations to ensure content is delivered as intended. The young professionals were then thrown the challenge to apply the new techniques in front of the group… the “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” part! What seemed a frightening task at first became more than manageable through the immediate application of those newly learnt skills. Having experts evaluate and provide individual feedback underlined areas that were delivered well, areas for improvement and advice on how to get more out of your public speaking and presentations.

The expert guidance and advice received from Chatterbox Public Speaking has armed the UDIA Member Masterclass participants with the simple techniques to successfully deliver presentations and speaking publically with confidence, structure and composure!

UDIA Outlook Member Masterclass Workshops are free events offering young professionals access to learning a variety of new skills direct from industry experts. Make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming sessions!

Thanks to our UDIA Outlook sponsors Cedar Woods, Now Living, Pritchard Francis and Winning Commercial for making this event possible.