UDIA Council strategic planning workshop

The UDIA Council and Executive participated in a strategic planning workshop on Monday to pinpoint the key issues that UDIA will tackle on behalf of members in the next 12 months.  The session also considered the context that the property industry is likely to be operating in in 20 to 30 years’ time and the potential challenges that our members will be facing.

It was a fruitful session and a revised strategic plan for the Institute will be drafted based on the outcomes.  UDIA will also be launching a policy priorities document for 2019 later in February that goes into greater details about the key issues facing the development industry and required government actions.

More WA projects on priority list

Infrastructure Australia released their updated Infrastructure Priority List today, adding several WA projects to the Priority Initiatives lists including the Morley-Ellenbrook Line; Fremantle Traffic Bridge; Tonkin Highway Gap; Karratha-Tom Price Road; and Canning Bridge crossing capacity and interchange.

While UDIA has welcomed the addition of these projects into the mix, lifting WA’s chances of securing further federal infrastructure funding, there is still more to be done to ensure WA is securing its fair share of federal infrastructure funding.

The new projects from WA that have been added, have only been added to the ‘Priority Initiatives List’, which means no business case has been completed for them. We have one project on the High Priority Projects list and only two on the Priority Projects list, which is compared with six high priority projects in NSW and Victoria.

More information available here: https://infrastructureaustralia.gov.au/

Aiming for greater housing choice in Fremantle

Changes to the City of Fremantle’s Local Planning Scheme to enable greater housing choice were gazetted yesterday.  The approval of Amendment 63, subject to modifications, will allow for increased medium density housing within special control areas in Beaconsfield, Fremantle, Hilton North, O’Connor, and White Gum Valley.

Lots between 600 and 750 square metres will now be allowed a maximum of three dwellings, including existing dwellings, while lots over 750 square metres will be allowed an additional dwelling for every 150 square metres in excess of 750 square metres.

Any proposed development must have a minimum of 70 per cent open space, 25 per cent of which must be deep planting zone to protect and enhance the City of Fremantle’s tree canopy. Car parking requirements will also apply.

The amendment is aimed at promoting housing diversity and innovative housing types to meet the needs of changing demographics.

More information can be found at https://mysay.fremantle.wa.gov.au/Freo_Alternative

Update on the City of Wanneroo’s review of its Mixed Use Zone

The Wanneroo Council, at its 11 December 2018 meeting, resolved to prepare (or initiate) Amendment No. 165 to the City’s District Planning Scheme No. 2 (DPS 2). This amendment proposes the following:

  • Amend the Mixed Use Zone intent and objectives contained in Clause 3.5 of DPS 2, and replace these with the Mixed Use Zone objectives provided in the model provisions; and
  • Amend land use permissibility in Table 1 of DPS 2 (the Zoning Table), to:
  • Ensure that there are no misalignments between what is provided in Table 1 and the modified Mixed Use Zone objectives (there will be no land use permissibility changes to residential uses); and
  • Allow for a more dynamic mix of land uses in the Mixed Use Zone.

The City is now advertising this DPS 2 amendment until 18 April 2019.

Documents setting out and explaining the scheme amendment are available at the City of Wanneroo Administration Centre located at 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo or at www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au (choose ‘Have Your Say’ then select ‘Planning Proposals’) and will be open for inspection during office hours up to and including 18 April 2019.

Submissions on the planning scheme amendment may be lodged in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Wanneroo, Locked Bag 1, Wanneroo WA 6946 or e-mailed to enquiries@wanneroo.wa.gov.au on or before 18 April 2019.

Dalkeith development opportunity

The McGowan Government is seeking partners in a new cultural development opportunity at Sunset Heritage Precinct in Dalkeith.

Formerly Sunset Hospital, this A-Class reserve has undergone significant works in the past 12 months including infrastructure upgrades, landscaping and fire protection.

The State is now seeking, through an EOI process, organisations interested in investing in the site to realise its potential as a ‘creative, cultural, community asset’.

The EOI will be released to the market on Saturday, February 16 for three weeks.

We value your feedback

UDIA is currently working on several submissions on behalf of members.  We encourage you to forward any feedback to these items to policy@udiawa.com.au

Draft Position Statement for Tourism land uses within bushfire prone areas (here). Submissions close 20 March, 2019.

Local Government Act Review, submissions closing 31 March, 2019. More information here.

 Strategen announces merger with JBS&G Australia

2019 UDIA WA Environmental Partner, Strategen, has announced they will merge with national firm JBS&G Australia in July this year. The merger will bring the total workforce to 200, bringing together some of the leading experts within the environmental industry.

More information here.

Amex rebrands to Okeland Communities

Perth-based property developer and UDIA WA member organisation Amex Corporation has recently announced a rebrand to Okeland Communities.

Okeland Managing Director Adam Shephard and Executive Director Cameron Shephard said the name Okeland paid tribute to the legacy left by their late father, Amex Corporation founder David Shephard, and the values passed on by their great grandmother Beatrice Oke, who treated everyone in her community as if they were family.

Okeland employs more than 20 people, has operations in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, and undertakes a mix of wholly-owned and joint ventured projects.

Timber-Frame Solutions for Compact and Infill Housing Seminar

As residential builders and designers respond to future planning requirements aimed at increased population densities, innovative housing products that suit smaller lots will start to shift from niche to mainstream.

A key solution in providing housing diversity is using innovative design, products and construction solutions.

Join UDIA WA’s Built Form Development Partner James Hardie and others for a seminar that discusses the increasing focus on compact housing, and how offsite timber-frame solutions using wall, floor and roof systems are bringing about significant efficiencies in construction practice, cost and time without compromising quality.

Registration: https://engenuitywa.com.au/registration/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/380850526051381/