Infrastructure and Investment


Infrastructure provision is critical to the success of our communities and the efficiency of our built environment. Yet, funding and the coordinated delivery of infrastructure to enhance the social, economic and environmental goals is increasingly becoming ever more challenging.

The lack of a government infrastructure investment plan together with poor planning and coordination between government agencies has resulted in underinvestment in infrastructure and a too frequent requirement for the pre-funding of infrastructure by developers. As such, infrastructure costs are inequitably being borne by the new home buyer to the detriment of housing affordability. The current approach to infrastructure provision threatens our quality of life and the competitiveness of our economy.



The UDIA calls for:

  • An infrastructure funding and implementation plan, linked to strategic land use planning priorities and integrated across all relevant government departments and agencies;
  • All strategic land use planning documents include a full cost benefit analysis to evaluate current and future infrastructure needs generated;
  • A review of existing and investigation into alternative infrastructure funding mechanisms and establishment of independent infrastructure body to evaluate and identify long term infrastructure requirements;
  • A review of development contribution arrangements and through collaboration, the adoption of improvements to increase the transparency and accountability of development contribution schemes.