Commercial Development


For development to be truly sustainable, a range of complementary activities are needed in close proximity to one another. Our communities thrive in well-designed neighbourhoods that are well supported by services and infrastructure that provides employment opportunities as well as catering for our social, cultural and environmental needs. As well as stimulating economic development, ensuring commercial development is well designed and planned appropriately can help to achieve a wide variety of environmental benefits and goals. Despite these benefits, regulatory controls often prevent these successful outcomes from being achieved.


The UDIA calls for:

  • A commitment to diversifying the State’s economy embedded in all strategic land use planning instruments;
  • An infrastructure funding and implementation plan, linked to strategic land use planning priorities and integrated across all relevant government departments and agencies;
  • A commitment to the introduction of community title and a greater integration between commercial and compatible forms of development;
  • Contemporary development controls for commercial development relating to issues such as car parking, the treatment of waste and access arrangements, etc.