Policy Positions


UDIA WA’s Western Australian Policy Priorities 2021: Developing WA as the place to live, work and invest details the focus of our advocacy efforts over the next 12 months.

The UDIA WA Council and Executive has concentrated on delivering a policy platform for the year ahead that centres on a collaborative approach between industry and government and recognises the importance of our industry to the broader economy.

The priorities build on a consistent theme from previous years, breaking down our recommendations into three key pillars:

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Liveability

Our priorities in 2021 are an extension of our State Election Campaign launched in late 2020 that focuses on ensuring WA is a place of choice to live, work and invest.

In terms of immediate measures, the actions around fixing the rental crisis and reforming taxation measures as well as population growth are of key importance in the coming months as we look beyond the impact of the stimulus measures.

Looking more broadly, one of the most important outcomes stemming from COVID-19 is the spirit of collaboration that has been developed between industry and government agencies. As part of our priorities this year, we are encouraging a collaborative regulatory culture.

The urban development industry is dedicated to developing WA as the place to live, work and invest, and our policy platform provides the framework to facilitate that. We are future focused, considering how industry, government and the community can work together to make a difference for generations to come.

The full document is available here.

Fixing the Rental Crisis

There are key actions in our 2021 policy document directly related to addressing the rental crisis in WA.

We have produced a stand alone document outlining this key priority area in more detail and offering real solutions to how to fix this critical issue.

Long-term decline in property investors has reduced Perth’s supply of rental homes, which coupled with an increase in population throughout 2020 as residents have returned from interstate and overseas has driven the rental vacancy rate to less than 1%.

With the rental market at full capacity, price and availability pressures will severely undermine WA’s opportunities to attract highly skilled workers to support the growth and diversification of our economy.

The most effective solution to the current rental emergency is to incentivise investors to purchase newly completed apartments, immediately presenting stock to market and having a positive effect on the current vacancy rate.

This document is available here.