Policy Positions


UDIA WA’s Policy Priorities for 2023 have been developed in the context of the need to address some of those lingering impacts of the pandemic, while firmly focusing on the future and ensuring sustainable economic growth for the State.

As the community creators, the development industry is integral to the future development of the places that we all live, work and play in. Our capacity to deliver those places is being constrained by outside elements that must be addressed if we are going to keep a lid on housing affordability. We want Perth to remain one of the most affordable capital cities in Australia and we also want to ensure that property remains a strong investment option.

Immediate issues including dire skills and labour shortages need to be addressed, as well as longer term challenges such as further streamlining regulatory processes and reforming outdated taxation regimes.

We also need to work together and bring the community along for the journey toward Perth becoming a more compact and connected city. Without a shared understanding and commitment to that end goal, resistance to future development will continue.

At the crux of our priorities are the core pillars of economy, liveability and environment. Working collaboratively with all levels of government to deliver on these priorities, we believe our industry is ideally placed to play a key role in the continued success and growth of our State for the benefit of all Western Australians.

The full document is available here.

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