An essentials masterclass on engaging with others & building rapport

What if we told you that a large part of your success in the workplace will come down to your ability to connect with others? Seems reasonable and simple, right?

But, what if by nature you’re not overly confident? Do you struggle to work the room? Or perhaps you just generally feel awkward when faced with having to socially interact with colleagues, potential clients and business contacts?

These are normal experiences.. but if you consistently avoid these situations instead of actively engaging, your career may suffer. So, it’s time to level up!

Offering exceptional insights and real-life examples, Alison Fernandes returns to WA to share tips and tricks for how to genuinely connect with others in workplace environment, and how avoid awkward conversations at business events.

Do you want to;

  • Learn how to initiate conversations with people you don’t know?
  • Feel confident in knowing what to do after the handshake and contribute to meaningful conversations with those you’ve just met?
  • Master the art of knowing how to transition from dead end responses, or how to exit a conversation whilst leaving the interaction on a high note?
  • Receive assistance with crafting your personal positioning statement (i.e. your “elevator pitch”)

If you answered yes to any of the above, this masterclass is for you!

As an experienced facilitator and presenter with over 20 yrs experience working with leaders across different industries around the world, Alison will ensure you leave armed with a new confidence, ready to foster & prosper!

This engaging session will be followed up with networking drinks, so you can put your newly acquired skills into practice.

To ensure an intimate and engaging session, only limited places are available. Book now to avoid disappointment!

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Event Details

Date: 08 Aug 2019
Time: 5.00 - 9.00pm
Location: Workshop; Liberty Conference Centre (197 St Georges Terrace) & Networking; The George Perth (216 St Georges Terrace)