Shoreline at North Coogee – LandCorp

This project is the second and biggest mixed use project in WA to be granted certification.  Some of the initiatives at Shoreline which contributed to achieving EnviroDevelopment Certification:


  • Development of the site enabled remediation of an extensive area of contaminated land, the result of previous industrial land use.
  • Vegetation introduced will predominantly be native and Waterwise species.
  • Landscape design provides a strong focus on creating a valuable street tree environment and delivering vegetated public open space corridors throughout.


  • Future residents have opportunity to monitor and manage their energy use as each unit will be submetered.
  • Apartment buildings will achieve an average NatHERS 7 Star rating across all apartments.
  • Solar passive design and natural ventilation required in building design.
  • Inclusion of efficient hot water systems and appliances are mandated.


  • Future residents have opportunity to monitor and manage their water use as each unit will be submetered.
  • Mandated inclusion of water efficient fixtures and appliances.
  • The irrigation of public realm will be via groundwater, a non-drinking water source.
  • Drought tolerant species will be planted and hydrozoning will ensure efficiency in irrigation volumes.


  • Strong design focus on delivering a walkable and bicycle friendly development that will ultimately reduce reliance on motor vehicles and improve physical health.
  • An interim activation strategy has been employed early to create and activate the community.
  • Shoreline will make a significant contribution to the local economy by enhancing the number and range of employment opportunities; providing housing diversity and achieving affordable housing targets.
  • Accessibility is one of the key drivers in the project’s vision with universally accessible spaces and encouragement for dwellings to meet liveable housing guidelines.
  • Strong focus on creating public realm that is engaging and inclusive – one that resonates with the mix of people who will live, work and recreate in the development area.


  • Proactive waste minimisation to reduce, reuse and recycle construction waste and minimise that destined for landfill.
  • All developers are required to meet a minimum 60% recycle/reuse construction waste target.