Rosehill Waters – Noah’s Rosehill Waters


The project implements measures to enhance the local ecosystem within a residential development setting through appropriate consideration, design and management of natural resources. Ecosystems has been achieved with initiatives such as:

  • Creation of a living stream by rehabilitating a highly modified drainage line
  • Significant contribution of green space, including retention where possible of existing trees
  • Enhancing vegetation outside the development area along the river
  • Enhancing ecological corridors and Design consideration for fauna movement


Buildings within Rosehill Waters will minimise consumption of energy and production of greenhouse gas emissions as well as improving comfort level for occupants through initiatives including:

  • 3kW solar pv system for each dwelling which will also be ‘battery ready’
  • Dwellings to be built to a minimum 7 star NatHERS rating
  • Climate responsive design considered at whole of development scale as well controls for individual dwellings
  • Improved building specification to reduce air leakage through doors and windows


A reduction in potable water use will be achieved through efficient mechanisms and practices as well as the utilisation of alternative water sources.  Investigations underway may also lead to the use of a community bore for private and public realm irrigation.  Water has been achieved with initiatives such as:

  • Water efficient fixtures and appliances for dwellings.
  • Front landscape packages to incorporate hydrozoning and drought tolerant species.
  • Irrigation systems designed to Waterwise principles with rain sensors and adjustable controllers.


The development has been influenced by design principles of integration and permeability, the creation of a unique identity with an historical focus and with attention to provision of amenity for existing surrounding community.  Rosehill Waters achieved community with:

  • A strong project vision
  • Promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyle behaviours with cycle paths and walk trails
  • Creation of a community hub, including a community use garden and orchard
  • Preservation of locally significant heritage buildings and gardens


Noahs Rosehill Waters have made significant effort to ensure production of waste is low, recycling rates are high and dwelling design supports recycling initiatives.  Waste has been achieved by:

  • Targeting 80% reuse of demolition, land clearing and civil works material
  • Creating a Materials Recovery Centre on site and becoming a Smart Waste Zone
  • Worm farms provided to all households following workshops on domestic composting
  • Design Guidelines instruct builders on ways to reduce construction and packaging waste


The developer is constructing local roads within the estate with green concrete and reusing material for the landscaping works within the public realm.  Homes in Rosehilll Waters will incorporate environmentally responsible materials to lower environmental impacts whilst also maintaining functionality and liveability of the home.  Initiatives include:

  • Green concrete used in the dwellings
  • Timber used in homes will be accredited
  • Only low emission paints, sealants and adhesives will be used
  • Floor coverings will be low emission and engineered wood will be E-zero rated