Parkside Walk – Landcorp and Town of Cambridge

Parkside Walk is the first project in WA to achieve certification under the Multi-Unit Residential category. Some of the initiatives at Parkside Walk which contributed to achieving EnviroDevelopment Certification:


  • Water sensitive urban design practices to enhance infiltration includes use of rain gardens, leaky drainage pipes and pits, and porous pavements.
  • Development is on a significantly modified site, having previously been cleared as a nursery.
  • Retention of existing significant trees and relocation of suitable species to create a blend of native and site historic species.
  • Construction of a turtle proof fence to minimise potential harm during construction activities.


  • Future residents have opportunity to monitor and manage their energy use as each unit will be submetered.
  • 1.5kW Solar PV installation required for all single residential developments and 1kW solar PV installation required per dwelling for grouped developments.
  • LED lighting installed for all common areas.
  • All grouped developments will achieve an average NatHERS 7 Star rating.


  • Future residents have opportunity to monitor and manage their water use as each unit will be submetered.
  • Mandated inclusion of water efficient fixtures and appliances.
  • Local native and Waterwise plant species to be planted for each development.
  • Landscaping is hydrozoned and automated with electronic controllers and moisture sensors.


  • Development is well located close to transport stops and with close connection to many local amenity and services.
  • Pathway infrastructure links with existing routes and assists more direct connection.
  • Central spine (linear) public open space will establish the heart of the community.
  • Communal open space and private open space requirements for each apartment building which require tie in with public realm.
  • Range of dwelling types including R50 single residential lots and R80 multiple dwelling sites with a range of housing typologies including terrace style housing and apartments with 1 to 3 bedrooms.


  • 70% recycling/reuse target for demolition, land clearing and civil works waste and 80% for all built form construction waste.
  • Residents will have the opportunity to recycle household waste, be provided with green waste facilities and be educated on composting and worm farming.