Allara – Satterley and Landcorp


  • Over 9,000 species planted for habitat and foraging of Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.
  • More than 95% of landscaping uses native species.
  • Native seed will be collected for use in revegetation works and stocking seed bank.
  • Placement of POS within the development adjacent to significant wildlife corridors.
  • Greater than required green space provided within development boundary.


  • 1.5kW pv system installed at every dwelling with recommendation to increase to 3kW system.
  • A smart meter and energy monitor will be installed at every dwelling.
  • Energy efficient air conditioning systems are mandatory.
  • The café near Kinkuna Park will include solar panels, LED lighting and an energy efficient dishwasher.


  • Waterwise trees, shrubs and lawns in public realm and household landscaping includes Waterwise species and restrictions on turf area.
  • Irrigation systems designed according to hydrozoned plant species and with different operating pressures and application rates.
  • The café will reduce potable water usage via efficient fittings and fixtures and potentially with waterless urinals.


  • A community garden will be established near schools and the town centre and an urban citrus orchard will be established.
  • A Bike Share Scheme is available for resident use with a solar powered docking station.
  • Multi-use active open spaces with free wi-fi in selected parks
  • Program of events for community engagement and activation is extensive and innovative, for example, a bike powered pop up cinema.
  • Resident Welcome Pack educates residents on sustainable living including encouragement to further contribute to future proofing, for example to equip garage with a suitable location near power outlet to charge electric bikes, a dedicated 15 or 32 amp circuit to charge electric vehicles and designing the car park for multiple uses.


  • Materials Recycling Centre will accept and encourage reuse of materials during civil construction works, landscaping and dwelling construction activities, as well as being accessible to residents for rear landscaping works.
  • MBA Smart Waste site where builders are educated on best practice waste management.


  • Kerbing will use green concrete i.e containing 30% supplementary cement materials
  • Bespoke timber play fort uses recycled timber hardwood sourced locally and recycled timber and recycled plastic slats used in public realm seating.
  • The Community Café will showcase environmentally responsible materials.