Identifying Your Lifestyle Needs

Before you start looking at potential homes or land, make sure you do some research and identify the type of area and the type of property that is most likely to suit your lifestyle.  This will save you lots of time in your search as you avoid looking at places that aren’t right for you.

Consider the following when deciding on the area you would like to purchase in:

  • Access to employment – would you like to be close to your job? How are you going to get there?
  • Proximity to family and friends – is this important to you? Do you want to live close?
  • Transport options – do you need the train or bus close? Do you need parking for your car?
  • Schools or other services – do you have kids or do you plan to?  Do you need a doctor or other specialist in easy access?
  • Recreational, social and other lifestyle options – do you play sport? Love the beach? Do you want to walk to get your morning coffee?

Consider the following when deciding on the lot size and type that you need:

  • Budget – what can you afford?
  • Maintenance – do you want lock and leave or a large garden to enjoy?
  • Space –what size house will you need to fit on the lot? What are your future needs if you have a growing family?
  • Lot type – apartment, townhouse, cottage lot, larger lot or semi-rural acreage?