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26 January 2019

Keep cool this summer in your new home

Due to Perth’s long, hot summer, many new home buyers will have efficient and effective home cooling near the top of their list of considerations when either purchasing an established property or looking at designs for building a new home.

Many people may not realise that the future energy efficiency of your home starts with the land you build on.

The orientation of your block of land and the subsequent position of the house you build on it can have a big impact on your homes energy efficiency.

For Perth conditions, a north facing back yard is optimal to make the most of winter sun and shield you from the worst of the summer heat.

Most new developments take into consideration the correct orientation of lots and buildings for our local climate to ensure that passive cooling and heating is maximised.

Once you have chosen the block of land that meets your needs, the next thing to consider is the home you build on it.

There are many design elements that can be integrated into a home to maximise passive cooling and minimise energy consumption due to the reduced use of mechanical cooling devices such as air conditioners.

For example you can maximise the flow of those coastal afternoon breezes by the correct placement of windows and corridors and considering a more open plan layout for your home.

There are also other design elements such as good insulation, window glazing and appropriate shading which are also effective.

It is important to note that, these types of design elements are also relevant for medium and high density apartments where developers can take into consideration the overall design of apartment buildings to maximise passive cooling and heating throughout the year.

Once you have the right design elements in place you can also consider installing solar panels to your home to assist with bringing down the costs of running air conditioners and other appliances.

The current buyers’ market in WA is a great time to investigate what packages and deals developers and builders are offering, such as the inclusion of solar panels and other energy efficient options such as lighting and appliances.

Of course, in the summer heat it is also important to consider our water use. Many developers offer waterwise or native landscaping for your new home as well as water efficient appliances inside the home.

All of these tips assist with the overall sustainability of your home as well as reducing electricity and water bills for you and your family in the long term.